Technology and engineering executive with extensive leadership experience

Olaaf Rossi

I make a measureable impact on organizations. Leveraging a deep and diverse technical background, I develop strategic plans that spearhead immediate and long-term objectives.

Not just a leader, but a hands-on doing and mentor. I love running teams and taking care of people. I am passionate about exploring cutting-edge technology solutions to transform and grow organizations.

Olaaf's Tech Background

I've spent a significant amount of time developing and integrating custom software in disparate applications, from Immersive interactives in physical spaces, to Enterprise Line-Of-Business software, SaaS, e-Commerce, and integration with custom hardware, Pro Media equipment, IOT, and the like

Custom Software Tooling

  • Languages: C#, JavaScript, SQL
  • Game Engines: Unity3D, Unreal
  • High-Level Protos: REST, MessagePack, ProtoBuff, RTTrPM, etc.
  • Low-Level Protos: UDP, TCP, RS-232, CANBUS, I2C, DMX, RS-485, RS-422, AMP, CobraNet, Dante, Contacts, 0-5v analog, ModBus, LonWorks, BACNet, TFTP, etc.
  • ML: Dabbled in ML.Net, StyleGAN2 (openFrameworks), Resnet, t-SNE, UMAP
  • ML (Services): Azure Cognitive Services, Paperspace, RunwayML
  • Embedded Comms: RFID, POF/USB, GSM, ZigBee, LORA, and a custom RF mesh networking proto rolled by a third part hardware dev
  • Databases: SQLServer, MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, MongoDB, Oracle
  • DevOps: TeamCity, SVN, Git, Jenkins, Github Actions, Cake, Azure DevOps, Ansible, TestFlight, Fastlane (IOS), xUnit, MSTest, etc.
  • IT: CCNA, MCSE, Hyper-V, VirtualBox, VMWare, Docker, K8, Azure, AWS
  • Frameworks: dotnet, Blazor, ASP.Net, WPF, MAUI/WinUI3 (Project Reunion in VS2022- just playing for now)
  • Show Control: Medialon, Crestron, AMX, Widget Designer, Electronic ESCAN (RIP)

Commercial Apps & Tools

As software developer, I build on packages and frameworks- and I prefer writing software that integrates with existing solutions rather than rolling a whole custom stack when possible

  • Cloud Providers: Azure, AWS
  • CMS: Squidex, Strapi, DNN, WordPress, WebFlow, etc.
  • ERP/CRM: Dynamics, Salesforce, Raisers Edge, etc.
  • Large Scale Logging: Loggly, Azure Dashboards, Windows Server AD Aggregated logs, Log4whatever, Serilog, ELK, Datadog.
  • OS: Windows Server/Desktop, Linux, Mac, Arduino, Raspberry Pi
  • Storage Subsystems: NAS/SAN Isilon, Windows NAS, XserveRAID, Custom 100+ disk solutions RAID-0 through RAID-50
  • Project Tools: BaseCamp, Mantis, Bugzilla, Redmine, Asana, MediaWiki, GitHub Projects, GitKraken Boards, Trello, Office365, Google, Asana, Linear, name it.

Pro AV & Media Systems

As engineer with feet in both camps, Custom software and Pro AV/Media systems I've extensive experience in integration of professional hardware devices with software, and vice versa. My software just doesn't run on a webpage, it drives 74m/pixel videowalls, 20 projector mapping systems, controls panning/directional audio systems, and the like

  • System Design: Specializing in complex integrated systems with Custom software, Show Control Systems, Live Performances (the show must go on- curtains at 8)
  • Software: Q-Sys, London Architect, Dante Controller, Harris/Magellan SDN, etc.
  • Media Servers: Watchout, Isadora, QLab, Resolume, D3 (the old version), Green Hippo, Touch Designer
  • Media: Extensive knowledge of digital media formats, from DCT based codecs to Wavelet. MPEG-2, MP4, HAP, Frame Sequences, 3d photogrammetry, etc.
  • Lighting: Grand-MA, ETC Hog, Lutron, etc.
  • Hardware: Extron, Harris, Blackmagic, Kramer, Gefen, Cobalt Digital, Apantac, Avocent, Crown, BSS, QSC, Yamaha, etc.
  • Integration: Can install & test the systems, from crimping CAT-6 to phase popping speakers to mapping & blending of projectors using nearly any package, from Watchout to the custom rolled OfxWarp AddOn in openFrameworks.

Construction & Physical

When designing Physical spaces, I'm create (these days overseeing) drawing packages to be integrated with the DD and CD packages put together by architects, including single line logical flow diagrams, facility impact documentation (heat/power loads)

  • Software: AutoCAD, Fusion 360, Adobe Suite (Illustrator & Aftereffects mostly)
  • Skills: TIG and MIG Welder, Metal Fabricator, Carpenter, Plumber, licensed (FAA) Aircraft mechanic
  • Facility Impact: Documentation & coordination for physical installation of Equipment, Server Rooms, HVAC, Class-E system integration, BMS, etc.

Simulation Tools

Sim toolkits, from CFD to FEA

  • Fluid: OpenFOAM (CFD- RANS solvers), AutoDesk CFD (Blue Ridge Numerics)
  • Heat: OpenFOAM (CHT solvers)
  • Finite Element Analysis: Fusion 360
  • Meshing: SnappyHexMesh, MeshLab

Miscellaneous Technology

Tracking systems in particular are of interest to me now, especially embedded in IoT solutions

  • Optical Tracking Systems: Motive/OptiTrack, Custom 2-way IR pulse solutions for unique ID’s without IR constellations
  • IMU Tracking: WIT Motion 6/9DOF sensors, accelerometer, gyro’s, etc.
  • RF Tracking Systems: 900mhz RFID, Bluetooth 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, BeaconTrax, Quuppa, custom solutions
  • AR/VR/Mixed Reality: HoloLens, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Unity VR, AR.JS, etc.
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