Custom Software

MoMA Media Lounge

Scope: Custom Software

As part of their ongoing initiative to preserve and present video- and audio-based artworks, MoMA ( engaged Three Byte Intermedia to develop their MoMA Media Lounge. This dedicated space within the museum allows visitors to browse the collection using an iPad interface and experience works in their entirety through historically accurate display technology.

Hardware Challenges

Legacy Digital art must be viewed on the display device it was originally created- in this case, CRT televisions. We were tasked with designing a user friendly touch interface, in the case, iPads, to control the media players driving the ancient CRT Televisions.

Software Challenges

Three Byte Intermedia leveraged our ActiveDeck platform to provide a graphically seamless browsing interface that can easily be updated by the museum as they acquire more works and make them available digitally. Three Byte developed a custom macro system that allows museum staff members to extract all of the relevant content from an Excel spreadsheet and deploy an updated version of the public browsing interface to all of the iPads in each kiosk in a matter of minutes. Three Byte worked closely with all of the related departments at the museum to ensure that the system would be maintainable and integrate well into their existing technology environment.

Tech Stack
  • IOS (Objective-C)
  • ASP.Net C# middleware for communications to legacy media players from the iPads.

Project Team
  • Chris
  • Olaaf
  • Amichai
  • Karen