Media System Integration

Prada Beverly Hills: Waist Down

Scope: Media System Integration

When Prada USA wanted an outdoor projection and playback system, they consulted Three Byte Intermedia.  Having worked with Prada for many years in every epicenter store, from Tokyo to Los Angeles, Three Byte knows that Prada always calls for an innovative application of technology.

The main challenge of this system was projecting images across Beverly Hill's opulent Rodeo Drive while accounting for palm trees and other local interferences.  Three projectors created a 42' wide by 13' tall blended image.  These projectors were then offset perpendicular to the projector surface, successfully avoiding obstructions.

The system consisted of three Christie Digital S+16k projectors with an internal geometry correction module, Folsom Image Pro HD processors, and a high end graphics PC running custom openGL rendering software written by Ascii33.  Southern California-based Video Applications provided the projectors and ace projectionist.

Hardware Challenges

The system

Software Challenges

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Tying it together

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Tech Stack
  • The video rendering application is a 64-bit C++/DirectX application, using nVidia’s CUDA technology.
  • The Control System and CMS is written in C#/WPF and employs a MS SQL 2008 database.
  • The motion detection application is C++/openGL.

Project Team
  • Olaaf